Influences on Home Design

Can’t find the right inspirations for your home design? Maybe you’re just looking in the wrong places. Design influences can be found literally in every corner, from your window to your old shoe cabinet. The trick is to find something you really like-not for its value or rarity, but how it makes you feel. Here are some places you can look to get that much-needed creative kick.

Art. They say your choice of art is the best measure of your personal taste, because you choose it solely based on its looks. So go visit your local gallery and see what styles you are most drawn to. Do you tend to favor light pastel colors? Maybe a traditional American home is best for you. Are you attracted to earthy themes and sculptures? Consider a country or Asian home-the natural elements will perfectly suit your tastes.

Colors. According to designer Gerard Marin, color is your best friend when it comes to home decorating. Many bland homes can get an instant lift with just a splash of color on one wall. Choose a color you can live with for a long while and that can adapt to different trends as needed. Use different shades of it to add texture, or accent it with contrasting colors.

Kitchen styles. The kitchen is the busiest part of the home, so it can set the tone for your home in general. If you have a sleek modern kitchen, the style can be applied to adjacent rooms for a more unified theme. You don’t have to recreate it everywhere, simply repeat the key elements outside the kitchen. Look into different kitchen design influences and find one that will work for the rest of your home.

Fashion. Often, what’s in style on the runway is also the trend in home design. But that doesn’t mean you have to go all modern and avant-garde when you’re more on the practical side, or vice versa. Take a look at your wardrobe and decide which outfits best represent your style. Light, flowery pieces may mean you’re into breezy interiors, and lots of black may mean you want an edgy modern home.

Country Home Design With Braided Rugs

Interior decor may seem trivial in comparison to career paths and family finances; however, theories such as feng shui suggest that a home’s aesthetic details may have significant influences on every aspect of your life. While this belief may be on the extreme side, a home’s decor should nevertheless not be neglected. Human beings are sensitive creatures, and environmental factors such as weather, wall colors and lighting do in fact impact emotions and productivity.

Besides the obvious functional benefits, your home should be a reflection of your lifestyle and personal interests. Like life, interior decorating should not remain static. Rather, as individual pursuits and passions change, so too should the aesthetic of your home. Individuality is important in interior decorating, but a home should also be welcoming to all.

Design themes such as “contemporary” and “Victorian” can be followed strictly or simply used as inspiration. Country home style is one popular example of design that can easily incorporate hints of many different fashions. The country style includes the old and the new, the rustic and the refined. Perhaps because of its blended characteristic, a country home expresses comfort and warmth that is appealing to all.

When designing around a country theme, there are several key features to keep in mind: color scheme, lighting, accents and flooring. Neutral colors are typically chosen for the base design features of a country home. This means wall coloring and large accessories such as couches should reflect soft, earthy tones. Along these same lines, harsh lighting should be avoided. Instead, natural light from windows should be accentuated as much as possible, and warm light fixtures should be placed where necessary.

Accents are your chance to incorporate individual flare, color and interesting accessories. Here you can also integrate features that have complementary styles. Hints of contemporary design and splashes of strong colors can transform a country style room into a truly unique interior decor concept.

When decorating, flooring is often ignored and under-appreciated. Devoting attention to this area, however, is well worth the effort. Regardless of your budget, any room of a home can benefit considerably from even minimal floor grooming. While traditional wood flooring is generally the first choice in a country style home, the addition of area rugs can also reflect this same feel.

Braided rugs are an excellent flooring choice that emphasizes the country theme. These area rugs are offered in many different sizes and shapes including small and large, oval and round varieties. Often multi-colored, braided rugs are a great way to tie together the many accents of a room. To add coziness to a living area, oval braided rugs will warm up areas of empty flooring. Round area rugs are also a nice touch when placed under tables or in bedrooms.

For a rustic tone, natural fiber rugs such as sisal rugs and jute rugs can be used as a more discreet floor treatment. These area rugs are best in a living area that already has bold design features or busy patterns.

As new interests are discovered and inspiration hits, consider incorporating country home design features such as braided rugs and natural fiber rugs for easy yet effective interior decor additions.

Top 4 Essentials For the Designer Home (Designer Teapots Are a Must)

We’ve got the top tips to help make your home the envy of all the neighbourhood. With just a few simple tips up your sleeve you’ll see how easy it is to transform your interior. From colour schemes to items which are functional and display worthy such as the teapot you’ll be surprised how easy it is to revamp your home.

Colour schemes

The colours of your walls, floorings and furniture make a huge difference to your home. Classic and simple is always best. When choosing which colour to paint a room always think to yourself, how will this look in 5 years time? It may seem like playing it safe but by keeping with set colour schemes throughout your house you’ll find the flow of the space much better than if you had multiple colours throughout.

This is not to say that a feature wall is out of the question. Just make sure it marries with all of the other colours in the house. If your using crisp whites and cooler blues, stay with that colour palette. If you are using creams and warmer tones of yellow, stay with colours that match those tones. As a general rule, ceilings should always be white.

Timeless furnishings

Furniture can be a difficult to purchase. The main thing to remember is to purchase items which are of a high quality and are not designed simply because of the emergence of a brief trend. By that I mean choose furniture that is classic and marries together.

Lounges and dining room suites should match in similar colours and if you have wood furniture it’s best that all pieces are similar in colour unless you are going to use antiques to decorate your home. To manage the contemporary look in any home the colours need to be minimal and consistent.

Quality items that are multifunctional

Items that are functional and decorative are perfect in contemporary homes. A bright coloured glass vase or a silver teapot can really lift a room and are also items which are functional. They allow you to have decorative items around the house without cluttering and they also double as a functional item as required. So that means you don’t need to host a tea party in order to show off your Victorian style silver teapot.

Mirrors also work wonders in small areas. They can give the illusion of more space. When choosing a mirror, the size and frame is crutial. Make sure the frame blends in with the rest of the decor and the placement of the mirror is effective in creating the illusion of more space. Putting a mirror at the end of a hallway or as a feature on a main wall of the house is most effective.

The golden rule

Always remember. Less is more. When going for the contemporary look in your home keep it minimal. No excessive displays of trinkets or wall hangings. A few simple feature pieces are the way to go.