Top Celebrity Home Designers

Have you just purchased a new home, or are you thinking about redecorating the one that you already have? Home design can be a very tricky endeavor. You want to mix your tastes with what is socially acceptable and try not to go overboard. Well lucky for you, there are many interior designers that are available to help you. Now you may think that it can be a pricey endeavor, and it can be. However, nobody is saying that you have to hire a designer or that you even have to change everything overnight. The trick is to find a designer that fits your needs and tastes and look through their pictures and ideas for inspiration. This article will introduce four top designers that you probably have already seen. Now that you will be more familiar with them, you can begin to let the inspiration come to you.

You are living under a rock if you have never heard of a certain day time talk show host who turns everything she touches to gold. Thanks to her, this first designer also became a household name after appearing on her show and then eventually getting his own design TV show. Nate Berkus grew up in Massachusetts and then attended college in Chicago. Upon graduation he started Nate Berkus Associates. In his career he has appeared on the Oprah show, had his own talk show, published books, and even has product lines at Linens and things and HSN.

Probably best known for his hosting duties on Extreme Makeover: Home Edition, this design guru has spent his career trying to change the world of those around him. In addition to this show, Ty also has two international design shows. Inside the Box with Ty Pennington airs in Canada and UKTV Home which airs in Britain and focuses on transforming the homes of those who served in the British Army. Ty continues to push his products into the market place in retail stores, lumber stores, and even the bookstores.

Those who are familiar with the Bravo TV show Flipping Out, have probably seen this designer appear on the show. Ryan Brown is an interior designer that works in California. At one point he had a personal and professional relationship with Flipping Out Star, Jeff Lewis. These two went their separate ways and Ryan was able to start his own company. He can now also be seen on Spouse vs. House on TLC.

One final celebrity designer on our list is HGTV Design Star judge Genevieve Gorder. Genevieve is known for her whimsical and eclectic taste and even showcases her talents in another HGTV show called Ask Genevieve. Genevieve has spent her time traveling the world and finding inspiration in the world around her.

All of these designers have something to offer you. Whether it is inspiration or actual design pieces, these designers can help you create your dream home or room. Keep in mind that now would be a great time to invest in some home insurance if you do not already have it. It would be a shame to accomplish your dream home and then have it go unprotected.

Area Rugs to Complement the Home’s Interior Decoration

Interior decoration is all about making the home posh, stylish and fashionable. Area rugs can truly complement the totality of the home design. Nowadays, eclectic looks have become prevalent in home decors. That is why there are a lot of choices when it comes to these kinds of rugs. You might find these ideas handy for your own home.

Before you start, some factors to be considered first. You should know that there are a lot of varieties of area rugs out in the market these days. It’s best that you determine the role of the rug you wish to place. Take note whether it should be the focal point, define the grouping of the furniture or enhance the color scheme, texture and warmth of the room.

Oriental area rugs are fine choices to accent the interior design. You can choose dhurrie, kilim or antique Persian of the finest qualities. If you have a room styled in English country themes, you can also go for Victorian area rugs with flowery hooks. For a room in French country fashion, Aubusson is a good example. A plain sisal goes for simplicity as well. For a room in Old World design, an Aubusson or Oriental area rug will do.

If you’re a big fan of minimalism, you would want to keep the area rugs spare and plain. Alternatives include a solid-color chenille or solid-color sisal over a floor with a hard surface. For rooms influenced by the advancing technology of the modern world, a man-made rug will suit just fine. Sisal carpets or those with flat commercial style or shaggy style also work well.

For rooms fashioned in American country, garden and cottage themes, use a rag rug or a hooked rug. Floor cloths with painted canvas design are also quite effective. You can even go for trompe l’oeil, floral or another textile with the same motif in the room.

For your rooms styled with the arts and crafts, you might want to incorporate a William Morris or a Mission styled rug. To add a bit of an ethnic flavor to the decorations, you can select a wild and striking faux leopard, tiger or zebra rug. Other options are flat or coir-woven sisal and dhurries. Coir or sisal area rugs are effective for rooms with Latin themes. A recommended suggestion is a striped hand-woven geometric rug or a nubby one.

The main thing to consider is the overall ambience of the entire room or part of the house when selecting the appropriate area rugs. Whether it’s a formal, casual, natural, fun or a luxurious room, there is always a rug to go with a particular theme. If you’ve plans to place a rug in your office, it’s best that you go for a fairly flat, thin rug to make it easy to roll around with your wheeled office chairs.

You can always take a trip to your local mall in search of the perfect area rugs for your home. You can also go online for a more broader search.

Home Design On An Affordable Budget

Everyone wants their home to look like HGTV has decorated it but unfortunately most of us do not have the kind of budget to allow for such spectacular touches. There are, however, a number of cost friendly options for vamping up home furnishings you already have for the same fabulous look created by professionals. All you need is a can of spray paint, a gallon of interior paint, and your favorite fabric. Each of these items can be purchased from stores such as Lowe’s, The Home Depot, and Michael’s for fewer than twenty dollars.

Look around your home for any items that look a little old or outdated and items that just don t seem to really match the d cor of the particular room in which they reside. Some popular items include old picture frames, baskets, or a dusty glass vase. Select a can of metallic interior spray paint to spruce the items up and spray away. Metallic spray adds a touch of glam to any household item and no project is too large. Perhaps you have an old table that you d like to modernize. The same principle applies. Spray away! When you re finished, re-hang or re-display your favorite photos, add your vase to your fire mantle, and de-clutter your gadgets by organizing them in your new baskets.

Now I m sure you’ve heard a thousand times before that a fresh coat of paint can liven up the dingiest of rooms. This is not a cliche. This is 100% factually true. While painting can often be a time consuming and laboring task, the outcome is worth the time investment. Make sure to choose a neutral color so that all of your current furnishings will match. If you re not sure, ask the experts in the paint department to select a number of neutral colors for you and take home a few samples. If you re not committed to a complete color overhaul, consider painting an accent wall a darker neutral shade or lighten up your brick fireplace with an off-white palette. Whichever you choose to do, you re guaranteed to make a fabulous update!

Once the walls are painted and outdated items are sprayed to match your style, consider buying a few yards of fabric. There are a number of different projects you can tackle with fabric. Start by again choosing a neutral tone. You can easily sew together some new accent pillows, a cool new throw for your sofa, and even new window treatments to contemporize your room. Don t just stick to neutrals for this project though. Look for fabrics that have a flash pattern that you really like or that have a unique texture. Patterned fabric can make a great piece of artwork for your walls. All you need to do is take one of your updated picture frames and cut the fabric to size. This easy to do project can create a great conversation piece as well as spice up your interior.

There are so many home projects that you can involve yourself in to make your interior look like it was professionally designed. All it takes is a few bucks, a creative mind, and the desire to make your home look fabulous. Inspiration is all around you and there is no need to go out and buy all new furnishings. Take what you already have and make it new again.